Aetra Air Jakarta

In 2006, Acuatico Group acquired 95% of the equity of PT Thames PAM Jaya from Thames Water. The concession company was subsequently renamed PT Aetra Air Jakarta (AAJ).

PT Aetra Air Jakarta envisions to become an agent of change in which we gradually improve the lives of the people in providing water at the best quality that flows with constant quantity from our well-managed water plants. Therefore, our company strives to provide excellent services with continuous improvements in every possible way in order to deliver the best services supported with the latest developments in water industry.

Two Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) that we have to support our water supply to the East zone of Jakarta are as follows:

  • WTP Buaran with capacity of 5,000 liter/second
  • WTP Pulo Gadung with capacity of 4,000 liter/second

Our values:

  • Customer oriented
  • Professionally managed business
  • Respect to community and environment